Pop Punk Princess is a beauty and music blog that has been two years in the making, and I am very excited to say that it can finally begin. In college, I was always told by my professors that in order to have a successful blog, you need to have a niche. I always had a difficult time finding one that would please my professors, and it was something I always found really difficult. Then it came to me, after playing with my makeup and listening to State Champs, that I finally found my niche. A beauty blog focusing on fashion and beauty and pop punk music. I know it sounds like an odd pairing but I know there are other women like me and I know there are men who love this music just as much as I do.

The purpose of this first post is to explain what type of things you will be able to find on here. Everything will be as neatly organized as it can be, because then I will go crazy. Organization is key to a nice flowing website.


This is first and foremost a blog dedicated to pop punk music and beauty. In the music tab, you will find posts reviewing albums of artists related to the genre that this blog is dedicated to. Reviewing albums is one of my favorite things to do and I cannot wait to get back into that groove. I will have a band spotlight that will highlight an up and coming band or even one that is popular in this music scene. Any upcoming events or big breaking news stories that occur in our music community, will also be featured.

Vinyl records are making its way back to popularity and I am starting a collection of my own. Unboxing is another popular trend among the online community, so when I get a new vinyl, I will definitely want to talk about it.

Beauty and Fashion

Makeup is a huge hobbie and passion of mine, and over the years I started to learn more and more about it. I am not a makeup artist or have attended any classes regarding makeup. Makeup is something I taught myself at a really young age. I do not know everything about it, but I do have some knowledge I would like to share.

This blog will focus more on an affordable route, in which I will spotlight brands that cater to women and men who cannot always afford higher end makeup brands. There will be reviews on newly released products from drugstore brands, affordable brands and high end brands (if I decide to splurge). Nothing will be sponsored from any cosmetic company (especially since this is a new beauty blog), but their products will be reviewed because there is a high demand for it or because it is an interesting product.

Lately, I have been seeing more punk and emo clothing brands that I cannot wait to get my hands on. Putting outfits together, while still trying to remain affordable, will be another thing that can be seen on here. Any makeup looks, that I myself create, will be featured on here and I will try my best to explain them.

Opinion and Popular Culture

Every now and then, I like stating my opinions on things that I find important or what may seem to be taboo. New perspectives on certain topics are a great way to open the minds of those who really have not thought about the other side of things.

Pop culture is another guilty pleasure. If I find something cool or have watched something that I find intriguing, I am going to talk about it.

Articles and blog posts will be posted on a frequent basis. The goal is to have something up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One day might have just one post and another might have five. Posts will vary in length as well. Do not always expect a novel. I do not want to torture people that much.

Information can also be found on the Twitter account and Facebook page of this website. Hopefully you all enjoy what you will be able to find on here and I am very excited to get this website started!