When I was eighteen years old, I was able to attend my first Vans Warped Tour. It was one of the most magical things that I got to experience and I am glad to call that my first concert experience. In 2016, I had the privilege of attending my second Warped Tour and it was probably the best lineup that I was able to witness.


Kevin Lyman, the creator of the Vans Warped Tour, announce that 2018 would be the last year the tour would be held. It is the largest and longest running traveling music festival in North America. Lyman created the festival in 1995, but it was in 1996 that punk music was featured and Vans became the main sponsor. Although many other genres are featured at Warped, I mainly go for the pop punk bands and just the overall experience.


Warped Tour became platform that launched the careers of popular bands and they would not be where they are today if not for the tour. Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Paramore can thank Vans Warped Tour for the huge success.


On March 1st, the official and last tour lineup will be announced and it has got me thinking as to what bands I would like to see. Since 2018 is going to be the last year, there need to be a mix of old school and new school pop punk bands. I am hoping that the more popular bands will join the tour to say a proper goodbye to something that launched their careers.


Here are a list of my picks for bands I would like to see at the final Vans Warped Tour:


I know that most of these picks are wishful thinking, but I think featuring a mix of the old and new is a great way to say goodbye to a tour that has impacted a lot of people’s lives. Fans have adored this tour, and as one of those fans, I am going to miss it dearly.


On March 1st, watch for an article reacting to the official lineup and will be tweeting as much as I can during the announcement on the Pop Punk Princess twitter account.