A recent trend, that I am glad to see happening, is the influx of plus size sections for women in clothing retailers. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and for the longest time stores were catering to one shape of woman. I always had the hardest time finding clothes that would fit my bust size. Shirts would fit my waist and everything else, besides the bust area. Recently, I have not had an issue finding clothes catering to that part of my body.

There are five retailers in particular that I have grown fond of, and hopefully you all can find something just right for you.

Rue 21

This is by far my favorite retailer to find plus size clothing because of the great prices. Rue 21 is really great about having sales every week and the clearance section is always full with cute little gems that may only cost you $3.

In store, it is not as easy to find the bigger sizes. You really have to look on the racks for the size you are looking for, but it does not always go to the highest size. Their entire plus size stock can be found on their website, with even some online exclusives. Each section of clothing has a sizing chart that will help you decide what is going to fit, even females with bigger bust sizes. They even have a selection of wide-width shoes, which I thought was a nice attraction, if you happen to be a woman with wider feet.

  • Pant and jean sizes range from 14-28
  • Top sizes range from 1x to 3x

Forever 21

When you walk into a Forever 21, you are able to walk to the specific section for plus size clothing and it is a nice size with several pieces to choose from. All of women’s clothing can also be found on their website as well. Their prices can get somewhat high, but they can be comparable to Rue 21’s. There are other retailers that actually charge more than Forever 21 does, which will be seen in this post.

The website also equips you with a sizing chart that explains what will fit you. I think their sizes run a little smaller than other retailers, but it still caters to a plus size market. Forever 21 has a huge selection of options in clothing like rompers, intimates, active wear and swim.

  • Top sizes range from 0x to 3x.
  • Pant sizes range from 12 to 22.


A few years ago, DEB use to be a massive retailer that had stores all over the country. Unfortunately, the company had to close their stores but this retailer can still be found online. DEB was once a store that catered to women of all sizes, but now you can only find plus sizes on their website.

Their website had some nice resources while you are shopping on the website. There is, of course, a sizing chart but this size chart comes with a set of instructions for measuring different parts of your body properly. They also match other items to go with whatever you are looking at and make sure your outfit is on point. DEB also features a decently sized and well priced clearance section, because their prices run similar to Forever 21’s.

  • Top sizes range from 1x to 3x
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 14 to 24


Torrid has been a well known and popular plus size clothing retailer. It is the sister store of Hot Topic, which also sells plus sizes now, but I digress.Torrid’s can be found in malls and they sell items on their website.

I have been in and out of their stores and have always loved some of the pieces they sell, but the prices are a little high for me. One day I will buy something from there, because they have cute clothing. Jeans run a little high in price, averaging about $75.

  • Top sizes range from M/L to 6x, but they have their own sizing terms.
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 10 to 30, giving a better range of sizes for plus size women.

Old Navy

When my bust size started to increase, Old Navy was the store that I was able to find shirts that would fit over my chest. I did have a difficult time finding the right sizes because plus sizes were always limited in stores. That still is an issue to this day. You really have to look hard for a 1x and that is usually the highest they go in store.

Their website has more options for women and it is easier to find the perfect piece of clothing for you. They allow you to shop by your particular body shape, so you can find clothing that will flatter your body type.

A big reason why I do not go to Old Navy as much as I use to is because their prices went up dramatically in the past few years. Jeans are roughly $50, which is not too bad comparing it to Torrid. Tops also are up there in price, averaging about $40.

  • Tops sizes range from 1x to 4x, if you are shopping online.
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 16 to 30, but I think the highest in store you can find is 18.

Many other clothing retailers exist in catering to plus size women, but these happen to be ones I admire at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing, trying and featuring newer retailers.

It is important to note that there are many President’s Day sales going on, so it may be a good day to do some shopping.