When starting this blog, my whole intention and goal was to discover new bands. I want to spotlight new bands and help give them some type of exposure. The first band we are spotlighting is one called Amongst Thieves.

Josh Nash, the lead singer of the band, contacted me on twitter and I thought I would give them a listen. I really enjoyed their sound and they reminded me of one of my favorites, A Day to Remember.

Amongst Thieves is a post hardcore band resigning in the United Kingdom. The band comprises of Josh Nash, Alex Morgan (guitar), James Thurlby (bass), Alex Morgan (guitar) and Andy Ackroyd (drums). They were established on July 23rd in 2013.

After two successful EP’s, “Revise. Reform.” and “March For The Sun,” the band released their self-titled album in 2017. They were then featured in the Slam Dunk Festival’s lineup and was featured in Rocksound, a British magazine covering rock music.

If you like bands in the post hardcore genre, like ADTR and blessthefall, you will love their sound. All of their music can be found on itunes, Youtube and Spotify.

Here is a look at their three biggest hits on spotify:

  • “Absent Minds”- a classic post hardcore sound with Nash’s melodic voice really works with the guitar and drums. The drum beat really is what makes the song, in my opinion.
  • “Golden Ratio”- This was the first song I heard by them and enjoyed the music video as well. This was the song that made me want to do an artist spotlight on them because I believe their music has potential. Nash’s voice really is shown off in this song and it shows his vocal range.
  • “Alone”- On Spotify, this is their most popular and most played song. I understand why it is. This was my favorite song out of all the ones I listened to. The lyrics have a beautiful message and I absolutely love when a song has that. The chorus is very catchy and it is definitely a song people should add to their playlists.

Amongst Thieves is a band that I see emerging onto the post hardcore scene because their sound really fits with it. Check out their self-titled album and give their music a chance!