Surprise! Two posts in one night! This will be a quick one but I decided to test out a couple of new products that I recently purchased.

I am horrible at doing a cat eye. I can do my right eye somewhat perfectly and then its all over for my left eye. I got the Wisdompark 4 piece Cat Eyeliner Stencil. It is suppose to help guide you as you apply your eyeliner and gives you different options of style.

On the packaging, it makes it look quite simple and easy to use. Well it’s not. I was able to get my right eye to somewhat look decent, but it was not because of the stencil. You definitely have to play around with it because it depends on where your eyes and nose are. I will still probably play around with it, but I lost patience for the night.

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I have little patience when it comes to eyeliner, but the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner was actually awesome. I am so use to liners not drying fast enough and making marks on my eyelid. It is why I usually try to avoid using liner on my lid. I am very excited to use this more in the future.

I know there must be other women, and men, who just struggle with liner. If I decide to do a wing, I need to be doing my makeup two hours in advanced. I will divide and conquer! One day I will be a cat eye master!