After a busy weekend at work, I have found the time to finally post and I am so happy. Today will be a short and to the point post.

The best thing about a new month, is all the music that is going to be released. March is not as busy with album releases as future months, but we got some good ones coming out. Here they are:

March 9th

Three Days GraceOutsider

March 23rd

blessthefallHard Feelings

March 27th

BronnieGet a Grip

March 30th

Escape the FateI Am Human

Jukebox the GhostOff to the Races

The two I am most looking forward to are Outsider and Off to the Races. I listened to the single that was released from Outsider and it was pretty good. It’s hard to get use to a different voice as the lead of Three Days Grace, but I think this is going to be a decent album for them.

Off to the Races is an album release I have looking forward to all month. Jukebox the Ghost have released a couple of singles, “Everybody’s Lonely” and “Jumpstarted”, and I just love them so much.

Keep these dates in mind and hopefully your favorite band is releasing something this month! Here is a look at Off to the Races.