While we are still on the topic of all things ColourPop, let’s do a small haul of the items I ordered last week.

I apologize in advanced for the small post and lack of posts this week. I am hoping to get 2 or 3 posts up this weekend. Work has been a little busy this week.

Okay so back to the haul! I bought a few items, right before they just released the new loose eyeshadows that I will buy, and thought I’d share my thoughts.

Supernova Shadows in “Firecracker” and “Hard to Impress”

I have been wanting to try these shadows for a long time, because I am obsessed with a shimmery lid. “Hard to Impress” is more of a warm toned red, and “Firecracker” is a cool tone burgundy. Doing a bold burgundy eye is one of my to go looks so I am very excited to try these out. When I swatched them on my hand, I loved the pigmentation and it did not feel too heavy.

Super Shock Highlighter in “Spellbound”

When I originally purchased this, I thought it was a bright, white highlighter. Once I swatched it, I noticed the light purples and pinks. I should have read it better, whoops. I still think it is a pretty highlighter and I have always been too chicken to try highlighters with pops of color. I cannot wait to see if I’ll be able to pull it off or not.

Ultra Glossy Lip in “Netta”

This is a gloss in Ellarie’s collection with ColourPop. It is originally why I went onto the website. I wanted to review some new products and I knew this collection had just launched. When I saw the color of the gloss, I had to have it. It looks like the perfect nude, where I don’t have to wear any liquid lip underneath. The pigmentation is great and I think this will be my go-to lip when I am rushing to put on makeup.

I am hoping within the next week, to create a makeup look with these products. It’s been awhile since I really glammed up. Have a wonderful weekend prince and princesses!