It has been awhile since I have done an album review, but I use to do them all the time. The first one featured on this blog will be Moose Blood’s “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore.”

This is my first time listening to their music, so I am going in completely blind. I should make note that this entire post is my opinion and I know not everyone will agree with said opinion. I am no expert, but I do listen to a lot of music, especially in this genre. With that being said, let’s get to the album review.

Moose Blood is an English emo band from Canterbury, Kent. They formed in 2012 and are currently signed with Hopeless Records. Moose Blood comprises of four gents: Eddy Brewerton (vocals and guitar), Mark E. Osburne (guitar), Kyle Todd (bass) and Lee Munday (drums).

“I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” is the band’s third studio album. An overall opinion, is that the music has that typical mellow, emo feel but Brewerton’s voice is unique to the standard emo genre sound.

I would recommend this album to those who need a cure or perspective on heartbreak and missing the ones that you loved. Now I will go track by track and give small notes, which will be normal for my album reviews.

“Have I Told You Enough”

  • Definitely projects that pop punk sound with very emo lyrics.
  • This song is about a guy saying all the things a girl dreams and wants to hear, speaking from experience.
  • “Haven’t I told you, you’re where I’m meant to be.”
  • This song would fit very well on romantic dramas currently on television.

“Talk In Your Sleep”

  • This has a very similar sound to the first track on the album.
  • About a man missing his girl and how seeing her is still painful.
  • The moment where the guitar fades and the drums intensifies is the best element in the song.
  • Another song that would fit perfectly on a teen romance drama, like One Tree Hill. It just sounded like it would fit very well if that show was still around.

“Just Outside”

  • The drummer really pushes the song along, which I am a sucker for a great drum beat.
  • The light screaming vocals in the chorus is a really nice touch to the song. It encompasses the pain and anger of the lyrics.

“You Left In The Worst Way”

  • The main guitar riff throughout the song reminds me of “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • I think the guitar and bass really carry this song along, and are the strongest aspects of the song.
  • It is a shorter song and was repetitive.

“All The Time”

  • The vocals that Brewerton projects in the song are probably the best in this entire album.
  • I love that he is matching his tone with the guitar riff in the song.
  • Brewerton really shows his vocal range in this song, compared to the first few tracks.
  • The guitar riff before the bridge is my favorite. I love little unique quirks and moments in songs.

“Can We Stay Like This”

  • I loved the upbeat beginning, because a majority of the album has started off slow. It is a completely different start compared to the beginning of the album.
  • This is another song where he is showing off his vocal range, which is so unique, in my opinion.
  • The bass riffs are the star of this song.
  • The bridge and the acapella part before the start of the last chorus are the best parts of the song.
  • This is one of my favorite tracks on this album.

“Pull Me From The Floor”

  • Beginning beat reminds me of a classic emo song.
  • The contrasting vocal ranges in the chorus are a nice touch.
  • Drums are also very strong in this song.
  • The riffs and drum beat at the end of the song are really cool.

“Walk All Day With You”

  • This is an acoustic track that really shows the vulnerability in his voice, and it really gives Brewerton’s voice a chance to shine.
  • There is only light guitar and his voice, which is all you really need.
  • The part in the song where he says “thank you,” near the end of the track, was very sweet and full of emotion.

“Such A Shame”

  • The chorus with the screaming is the best touch in the song. I wish it was in more of the tracks on this album.
  • Two instrument breaks were my favorite touches.

“Promise Me”

  • The drums beat and guitar start off strong and get it off to a good start.
  • This song actually has a more upbeat feel than the rest of the songs on the album.
  • It makes them sound very comparable to Imagine Dragons, when they aren’t singing pop songs.
  • Bridge and the quiet singing that transitions into an instrumental break is great.
  • This is my favorite song on the entire album.

“It’s Too Much”

  • This is a very different song compared to the others.
  • I love the guitar mellowness and this is definitely a song to listen to on a hard day.
  • The lyrics are powerful and relatable to so many who listen to music as a way to have some sort of escape. They are by far the best and strongest lyrics on the album.
  • We’ve all been there. Where we think we’ve had enough. This song touches base on exactly that.

This is a very emo album and really fits into that subgenre. It is my first time listening to Moose Blood, so I bet they have other great songs.

“I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” is very one note, but it really did have its strong moments. The lyrics are harsh, realistic and relatable to so many people out there. I would give this album a rating of 3 out of 5.

Again, this is all based on my opinion. I hope you all enjoyed the album. I can’t wait to review more albums and really see what is out there. You can find there album here.