The greatest thing about this website, is getting into contact with up and coming bands, and just discovering new bands in general.

What You Can’t See contacted me through twitter and asked me to check them out, which I recommend other small bands or bands in general to do. I love checking out new music and helping an unknown band get some publicity, even if it is small.

What You Can’t See is a pop punk band from Southwest England. WYCS is comprised of Grace (singer), Tyler (guitar) and Zack (bass and drums).

The band started out writing songs and members came together to help record the songs they had written. When they realized they were all passionate about the idea, they decided to make things official and become a band.

WYCS states that their musical influences are We Are the in Crowd, State Champs and Neck Deep. They define their sound as pop punk mixed with alternative rock with a smidgen of indie influence.

All of their music, for now, can be found on their Facebook page. You will find some great acoustic covers and a couple of original songs. I really love their acoustic sound and the singer has a great indie sound to his voice.

I am very curious to see what they will sound like with some light drums and a piano; to hear that pop punk and indie sound fused together.

Make sure to check out their Facebook page. I cannot wait to see this band begin to grow and see what they really have to show everyone.