Around Halloween, a friend of mine told me he was going to this show called Halloqueen and I immediately was confused. He told me of this band, called Jukebox the Ghost, that dresses up like Queen every year on Halloween and covers some of their songs.

I looked up this band on Spotify and I was immediately hooked. Their Self-Titled album instantly became one of my favorites to listen to. What intrigued me most was the resemblance they have with Queen and the very catchy melodies they produce.

Jukebox the Ghost is a power pop band from the DC metro area consisting of Ben Thornewill (vocals and piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals and guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums). They have been up and running since 2003.

“Off To The Races” is the bands 5th studio album, an album fans have been anticipating for three and half years. Now let’s break it down!


  • At first, I was iffy about how I felt about this song, but now it has become one of my favorites.
  • This is a song that most resembles Queen, compared to any other song they have released.
  • Thornewill’s voice and those harmonies are the stars of the song.
  • It’s a song that is literally all over the place, but it really works and came out wonderful.
  • The guitar solo and instrument break is such an homage to the classics.
  • This song shows off the talent that is Thornewill’s voice.

“Everybody’s Lonely”

  • I love the transition of that solo piano to the full band at the beginning.
  • The chorus is very catchy and the rhythm is so upbeat and happy.
  • It reminds me of the songs that I fell in love with on their self-titled ablum.
  • My favorite part is when the song begins to slow down near the bridge and it leads to the harmonized chorus and a solo piano.
  • This is my favorite song from the album.

“People Go Home”

  • From the beginning of the track, it takes on a very different sound compared to other songs they have released.
  • Definitely relatable to those who just work and go home, aka me. I thought it was a cute, little song.

“Fred Astaire”

  • At the beginning of the song, I love the piano and guitar riff that leads into the crescendo of the full band and vocals.
  • The piano is the star of this song and is what makes the song so strong.
  • It is a memorable song lyrically, like most of their songs are.
  • One of my favorite moments in the song is when Thornewill showcases his voice at the bridge.

“Time and I”

  • The harmonizing vocals are a nice touch on this album, and in their music in general.
  • The shining stars of this track are the instrumentals tracks in the back.


  • I love the acoustic guitar in this song, and it isn’t something you find very often in their music.
  • A classic song named after a girl, and has that classic rock feel with an acoustic guitar.
  • This song really gave me John Mellencamp vibes with that mellow and acoustic sound.

“See You Soon”

  • The vocals in this are very calming.
  • Thornewill again shows of his pipes in this melodic chorus.
  • This song is relatable and cute lyrically. We all have people miss and wish to see.
  • One of my favorites on the album.


  • I know I have said that a lot of the songs are relatable, but this one spells out my life to a T.
  • The bass line leading throughout the song, leads it well.
  • “Boring” will definitely be one of those songs that gets stuck in your head because the chorus is that addicting.
  • The instrumental solos are amazing in this album, and it gives me rock and roll vibes instead of just power pop.

“Simple As 1 2 3”

  • They are very wise lyrically and write brilliant songs.
  • This song is more mellow and relaxing, reminding me of the tracks from their self-titled album.
  • Love the melodic chorus and the lyrics in it.


  • Immediately when this song came on, I thought it was a song that had been made in the 1980s.
  • The beat is so different from what I have heard from them previously.
  • I love the 1980s synth and it is another one of my favorites on the album.

Jukebox the Ghost is very strong at telling a story through each song. This band is very talented lyrically and vocally, and they deserve to be received more.

I give this album a 4.5 out of 5 because I believe their self-titled is still their best, but this album is really great. I seriously recommend it. Get their new album here!