At the beginning of March, I received a Facebook message from a band that was informing me they were going to follow The Vans Warped Tour to promote their band and music. It has taken me some time to get there, but I finally got around to checking them out.

Survival Kit is an alternative rock band, pushing that pop punk genre boundary, from Atlanta, Georgia. They formed in 2016 and comprise of Travis Blake and Andrew Lynn.

They released their first single, “Wolf,” in January of 2016. Survival Kit released their first EP, “Hard Work + Dedication,” in October of 2016. The album covers topics such as vulnerability, addiction, loathing and taking a stand. In the summer of 2017, they released their latest single “Stranger Things.”

Their musical influences are The Story So Far, The Used, A Day to Remember and Four Year Strong. Survival Kit’s sound reminds me a lot of Four Year Strong, but obviously they put their own spin on it.

I am truly impressed with this band. When I hit play on spotify, I became speechless. For a band that has only been around for 2 years, they sure do not sound like it. They sound like they have been on the scene for years.

The music is impressive and truly fitting to the pop punk and alternative rock genre. The band, the vocals and the lyrics are amazing. I cannot wait for them to release an LP. I can see them being popular and mainstream in the future. They are just too good not to be.

All of their music can be found on their website and spotify! Check them out!