I am an avid makeup lover and I follow many beauty gurus in the industry, but one thing I refuse to do is wear false eyelashes. Putting glue on your eyelids and then ripping them off, at the end of the day, did not really sound like any fun.

Jaclyn Hill stated in one of her videos a long time ago, that if you have not started wearing false eyelashes then don’t. I have lived by statement that ever since. I tried putting on a false eyelash once and immediately gave up.

Yes, my patience is very low and cannot tolerate little things like that. The more I thought about it, I knew putting glue on my eyelid was not the most safest sounding thing in the world. I know people will argue that the glue goes onto the lash, but glue is still coming into contact with your skin.

The skin on your eyelid is delicate and fragile. It is also close to your eye, which is a very sensitive area on your body. Even using an eyelash curler and mascara seems slightly dangerous to me, but it’s better than putting a fake eyelash on.

Click2Houson did a report on the dangers on false eyelashes, as the idea of using eyelash extensions became more popular.

They reported false eyelashes can cause unwanted reactions and spread infections. The glue that is used, is what causes the most harm. Formaldehyde is the most common chemical found in eyelash glue, which allergic reactions to this chemical are becoming more common.

Eyelash extensions come from animal hair. The animal hair and glue are possible allergens that can cause your eyelid to swell, itch, scale and can cause you to lose your eyelashes. The weight of the extensions also weigh heavy on your eyelid, according to Dr. Sherry Ingraham, and can cause damage to you natural lashes.

If you still decide that you want to use false eyelashes, because at the end of the day this is just my opinion, then please be safe. Ask for products that have no formaldehyde or low doses of formaldehyde. Make sure to take your lashes off safely and cleanse properly. Research any product before buying them and using. This goes for any product that you are going to use on your face. Always research!