Morphe is a brand that has been loved been by many beauty influencers around the world, which is how I discovered this brand. Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua consistently use this brand in their videos and makeup looks, which always turn out so amazing. I knew I needed to get my hands on some of these products.

Morphe was established in 2008 in Los Angeles by siblings Linda and Chris Tawil. They started off creating affordable and professional makeup brushes, and they have since flourished and rebranded. They now create eyeshadow palettes, lips colors, highlighter palettes and so much more.

By August of 2013, the Tawil’s opened their first retail location and expanded on what Morphe created. Morphe is all about “bending the rules,” which shows in all of the creative palettes they continue to push out and with all the beauty influencers creating stunning looks with their products.

Morphe has changed a lot since they began in 2008, especially with their sleek new style and packaging. Their eyeshadow palettes and the brushes are the shining stars of Morphe. The brushes barely shed and they apply product smoothly. Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes are amazing for the price you pay. They are very creamy and stay on the eyelid well. It does not take too much product either.

Top 3 Morphe products:

  1. The Jaclyn Hill Palette
  2. 35R Ready, Set, Gold Eyeshadow Palette
  3. M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

I have so many products that I want from this company, but I am just waiting to come into a large amount of money to buy them all.