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Welcome Back? A Hopeful Return

It has been quite some time that I have posted a blog and a while since I’ve actually been passionate about it.

I am not going to make excuses as to why I have not posted or like gain sympathy, but I will explain an absence and promise to create more content.

There are two reason’s as to why I have not been posting anything. One being that I do work quite a bit, but I should have never let that come between something I am passionate about. When I am tired from a hard days work, I should be posting any way and doing something that honestly really made me happy. It was helping me talk about things I truly love and helping me escape from anxieties.

Anxiety and slight depression is the number two reason as to why I have not posted anything. For the past month and a half, I just have not had the motivation to do anything. I would come home from work and all I wanted to do was lay in bed. I have not even played with makeup in a good while.

My hope for the future for this blog is to go back to writing. I need to get back to doing something that made me happy. I have plenty ideas and another hope is to the update the site entirely. I’ve been working my way to upgrading it’s plan and getting complete ownership. So stay tuned!

Sorry again to those who did read my blog, but hopefully I can make it up by pushing out content! See you soon princes and princesses!


Brand Spotlight: Morphe

Morphe is a brand that has been loved been by many beauty influencers around the world, which is how I discovered this brand. Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua consistently use this brand in their videos and makeup looks, which always turn out so amazing. I knew I needed to get my hands on some of these products.

Morphe was established in 2008 in Los Angeles by siblings Linda and Chris Tawil. They started off creating affordable and professional makeup brushes, and they have since flourished and rebranded. They now create eyeshadow palettes, lips colors, highlighter palettes and so much more.

By August of 2013, the Tawil’s opened their first retail location and expanded on what Morphe created. Morphe is all about “bending the rules,” which shows in all of the creative palettes they continue to push out and with all the beauty influencers creating stunning looks with their products.

Morphe has changed a lot since they began in 2008, especially with their sleek new style and packaging. Their eyeshadow palettes and the brushes are the shining stars of Morphe. The brushes barely shed and they apply product smoothly. Morphe’s eyeshadow palettes are amazing for the price you pay. They are very creamy and stay on the eyelid well. It does not take too much product either.

Top 3 Morphe products:

  1. The Jaclyn Hill Palette
  2. 35R Ready, Set, Gold Eyeshadow Palette
  3. M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff

I have so many products that I want from this company, but I am just waiting to come into a large amount of money to buy them all.

OPINION: Why I Refuse to Use False Eyelashes

I am an avid makeup lover and I follow many beauty gurus in the industry, but one thing I refuse to do is wear false eyelashes. Putting glue on your eyelids and then ripping them off, at the end of the day, did not really sound like any fun.

Jaclyn Hill stated in one of her videos a long time ago, that if you have not started wearing false eyelashes then don’t. I have lived by statement that ever since. I tried putting on a false eyelash once and immediately gave up.

Yes, my patience is very low and cannot tolerate little things like that. The more I thought about it, I knew putting glue on my eyelid was not the most safest sounding thing in the world. I know people will argue that the glue goes onto the lash, but glue is still coming into contact with your skin.

The skin on your eyelid is delicate and fragile. It is also close to your eye, which is a very sensitive area on your body. Even using an eyelash curler and mascara seems slightly dangerous to me, but it’s better than putting a fake eyelash on.

Click2Houson did a report on the dangers on false eyelashes, as the idea of using eyelash extensions became more popular.

They reported false eyelashes can cause unwanted reactions and spread infections. The glue that is used, is what causes the most harm. Formaldehyde is the most common chemical found in eyelash glue, which allergic reactions to this chemical are becoming more common.

Eyelash extensions come from animal hair. The animal hair and glue are possible allergens that can cause your eyelid to swell, itch, scale and can cause you to lose your eyelashes. The weight of the extensions also weigh heavy on your eyelid, according to Dr. Sherry Ingraham, and can cause damage to you natural lashes.

If you still decide that you want to use false eyelashes, because at the end of the day this is just my opinion, then please be safe. Ask for products that have no formaldehyde or low doses of formaldehyde. Make sure to take your lashes off safely and cleanse properly. Research any product before buying them and using. This goes for any product that you are going to use on your face. Always research!

A Dream Come True: Seeing Your Favorite Band Live

Since I was 15 years old, I have been in love with Paramore. They will always be considered my favorite band and their music will always hold a special place in my heart.

Recently, my sister and I made it official and bought tickets to see them on their summer tour. I have been wanting to see them since I was a freshman in high school. The fact that I finally get to see them, at the ripe age of 25, hasn’t hit me just yet.

Maybe it is just me, but I believe when you get to see that one artist that you truly love, that is one of the most special moments in your life.

Paramore is so much more than a band to me. Their music has inspired me, healed me and made me happy when life likes to kick you around. They are the band that truly helped deepen my love of music.

They have been through so much as a group, and their adversity and perseverance is truly inspiring. In 2010, when the Farro brothers departed from Paramore, I really was afraid that was the end of a talented group of musicians. I actually think I cried because I was so worry to lose something special, at least to me.

Hayley Williams, the vocalist of the band and main songwriter, has been my idol since I was a young girl. There are not many female rock singers, especially in the emo and pop punk genres, who are present in the spotlight or not as successful as she has been. Seeing her thrive and succeed, especially in a male dominant industry, inspires me to dream and try to succeed on my own.

Paramore’s music is wonderful, in my opinion, but that is not what draws them to me. Their lyrics, specifically in their older pieces of work, are so relatable and have always captivated me.

My favorite song by them, even though I have many, is “Renegade.” It is not one of their biggest hits and it was released with a couple of other singles. “I’m a renegade, it’s in my blood.” These are words that have always resonated with me, so much that I had it tattooed on my wrist.

Those lyrics mean that no matter how hard life can get, it is in your nature to be a fighter and not give up. I try to live that by that motto every day. You have to fight for your dreams and fight through the hardships, just like Paramore had to.

I know that they will never read this and know how truly special they are to me as musicians, but I know there are others out there who have a band that they love so much. The fact that I finally get to see them play live, is a dream come true.

Album Review on Moose Blood’s “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore”

It has been awhile since I have done an album review, but I use to do them all the time. The first one featured on this blog will be Moose Blood’s “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore.”

This is my first time listening to their music, so I am going in completely blind. I should make note that this entire post is my opinion and I know not everyone will agree with said opinion. I am no expert, but I do listen to a lot of music, especially in this genre. With that being said, let’s get to the album review.

Moose Blood is an English emo band from Canterbury, Kent. They formed in 2012 and are currently signed with Hopeless Records. Moose Blood comprises of four gents: Eddy Brewerton (vocals and guitar), Mark E. Osburne (guitar), Kyle Todd (bass) and Lee Munday (drums).

“I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” is the band’s third studio album. An overall opinion, is that the music has that typical mellow, emo feel but Brewerton’s voice is unique to the standard emo genre sound.

I would recommend this album to those who need a cure or perspective on heartbreak and missing the ones that you loved. Now I will go track by track and give small notes, which will be normal for my album reviews.

“Have I Told You Enough”

  • Definitely projects that pop punk sound with very emo lyrics.
  • This song is about a guy saying all the things a girl dreams and wants to hear, speaking from experience.
  • “Haven’t I told you, you’re where I’m meant to be.”
  • This song would fit very well on romantic dramas currently on television.

“Talk In Your Sleep”

  • This has a very similar sound to the first track on the album.
  • About a man missing his girl and how seeing her is still painful.
  • The moment where the guitar fades and the drums intensifies is the best element in the song.
  • Another song that would fit perfectly on a teen romance drama, like One Tree Hill. It just sounded like it would fit very well if that show was still around.

“Just Outside”

  • The drummer really pushes the song along, which I am a sucker for a great drum beat.
  • The light screaming vocals in the chorus is a really nice touch to the song. It encompasses the pain and anger of the lyrics.

“You Left In The Worst Way”

  • The main guitar riff throughout the song reminds me of “Maps” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
  • I think the guitar and bass really carry this song along, and are the strongest aspects of the song.
  • It is a shorter song and was repetitive.

“All The Time”

  • The vocals that Brewerton projects in the song are probably the best in this entire album.
  • I love that he is matching his tone with the guitar riff in the song.
  • Brewerton really shows his vocal range in this song, compared to the first few tracks.
  • The guitar riff before the bridge is my favorite. I love little unique quirks and moments in songs.

“Can We Stay Like This”

  • I loved the upbeat beginning, because a majority of the album has started off slow. It is a completely different start compared to the beginning of the album.
  • This is another song where he is showing off his vocal range, which is so unique, in my opinion.
  • The bass riffs are the star of this song.
  • The bridge and the acapella part before the start of the last chorus are the best parts of the song.
  • This is one of my favorite tracks on this album.

“Pull Me From The Floor”

  • Beginning beat reminds me of a classic emo song.
  • The contrasting vocal ranges in the chorus are a nice touch.
  • Drums are also very strong in this song.
  • The riffs and drum beat at the end of the song are really cool.

“Walk All Day With You”

  • This is an acoustic track that really shows the vulnerability in his voice, and it really gives Brewerton’s voice a chance to shine.
  • There is only light guitar and his voice, which is all you really need.
  • The part in the song where he says “thank you,” near the end of the track, was very sweet and full of emotion.

“Such A Shame”

  • The chorus with the screaming is the best touch in the song. I wish it was in more of the tracks on this album.
  • Two instrument breaks were my favorite touches.

“Promise Me”

  • The drums beat and guitar start off strong and get it off to a good start.
  • This song actually has a more upbeat feel than the rest of the songs on the album.
  • It makes them sound very comparable to Imagine Dragons, when they aren’t singing pop songs.
  • Bridge and the quiet singing that transitions into an instrumental break is great.
  • This is my favorite song on the entire album.

“It’s Too Much”

  • This is a very different song compared to the others.
  • I love the guitar mellowness and this is definitely a song to listen to on a hard day.
  • The lyrics are powerful and relatable to so many who listen to music as a way to have some sort of escape. They are by far the best and strongest lyrics on the album.
  • We’ve all been there. Where we think we’ve had enough. This song touches base on exactly that.

This is a very emo album and really fits into that subgenre. It is my first time listening to Moose Blood, so I bet they have other great songs.

“I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore” is very one note, but it really did have its strong moments. The lyrics are harsh, realistic and relatable to so many people out there. I would give this album a rating of 3 out of 5.

Again, this is all based on my opinion. I hope you all enjoyed the album. I can’t wait to review more albums and really see what is out there. You can find there album here.

Cat Eyeliner Stencil Fail

Surprise! Two posts in one night! This will be a quick one but I decided to test out a couple of new products that I recently purchased.

I am horrible at doing a cat eye. I can do my right eye somewhat perfectly and then its all over for my left eye. I got the Wisdompark 4 piece Cat Eyeliner Stencil. It is suppose to help guide you as you apply your eyeliner and gives you different options of style.

On the packaging, it makes it look quite simple and easy to use. Well it’s not. I was able to get my right eye to somewhat look decent, but it was not because of the stencil. You definitely have to play around with it because it depends on where your eyes and nose are. I will still probably play around with it, but I lost patience for the night.

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I have little patience when it comes to eyeliner, but the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner was actually awesome. I am so use to liners not drying fast enough and making marks on my eyelid. It is why I usually try to avoid using liner on my lid. I am very excited to use this more in the future.

I know there must be other women, and men, who just struggle with liner. If I decide to do a wing, I need to be doing my makeup two hours in advanced. I will divide and conquer! One day I will be a cat eye master!

A Look at Plus Size Clothing Retailers

A recent trend, that I am glad to see happening, is the influx of plus size sections for women in clothing retailers. Women come in all shapes and sizes, and for the longest time stores were catering to one shape of woman. I always had the hardest time finding clothes that would fit my bust size. Shirts would fit my waist and everything else, besides the bust area. Recently, I have not had an issue finding clothes catering to that part of my body.

There are five retailers in particular that I have grown fond of, and hopefully you all can find something just right for you.

Rue 21

This is by far my favorite retailer to find plus size clothing because of the great prices. Rue 21 is really great about having sales every week and the clearance section is always full with cute little gems that may only cost you $3.

In store, it is not as easy to find the bigger sizes. You really have to look on the racks for the size you are looking for, but it does not always go to the highest size. Their entire plus size stock can be found on their website, with even some online exclusives. Each section of clothing has a sizing chart that will help you decide what is going to fit, even females with bigger bust sizes. They even have a selection of wide-width shoes, which I thought was a nice attraction, if you happen to be a woman with wider feet.

  • Pant and jean sizes range from 14-28
  • Top sizes range from 1x to 3x

Forever 21

When you walk into a Forever 21, you are able to walk to the specific section for plus size clothing and it is a nice size with several pieces to choose from. All of women’s clothing can also be found on their website as well. Their prices can get somewhat high, but they can be comparable to Rue 21’s. There are other retailers that actually charge more than Forever 21 does, which will be seen in this post.

The website also equips you with a sizing chart that explains what will fit you. I think their sizes run a little smaller than other retailers, but it still caters to a plus size market. Forever 21 has a huge selection of options in clothing like rompers, intimates, active wear and swim.

  • Top sizes range from 0x to 3x.
  • Pant sizes range from 12 to 22.


A few years ago, DEB use to be a massive retailer that had stores all over the country. Unfortunately, the company had to close their stores but this retailer can still be found online. DEB was once a store that catered to women of all sizes, but now you can only find plus sizes on their website.

Their website had some nice resources while you are shopping on the website. There is, of course, a sizing chart but this size chart comes with a set of instructions for measuring different parts of your body properly. They also match other items to go with whatever you are looking at and make sure your outfit is on point. DEB also features a decently sized and well priced clearance section, because their prices run similar to Forever 21’s.

  • Top sizes range from 1x to 3x
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 14 to 24


Torrid has been a well known and popular plus size clothing retailer. It is the sister store of Hot Topic, which also sells plus sizes now, but I digress.Torrid’s can be found in malls and they sell items on their website.

I have been in and out of their stores and have always loved some of the pieces they sell, but the prices are a little high for me. One day I will buy something from there, because they have cute clothing. Jeans run a little high in price, averaging about $75.

  • Top sizes range from M/L to 6x, but they have their own sizing terms.
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 10 to 30, giving a better range of sizes for plus size women.

Old Navy

When my bust size started to increase, Old Navy was the store that I was able to find shirts that would fit over my chest. I did have a difficult time finding the right sizes because plus sizes were always limited in stores. That still is an issue to this day. You really have to look hard for a 1x and that is usually the highest they go in store.

Their website has more options for women and it is easier to find the perfect piece of clothing for you. They allow you to shop by your particular body shape, so you can find clothing that will flatter your body type.

A big reason why I do not go to Old Navy as much as I use to is because their prices went up dramatically in the past few years. Jeans are roughly $50, which is not too bad comparing it to Torrid. Tops also are up there in price, averaging about $40.

  • Tops sizes range from 1x to 4x, if you are shopping online.
  • Pant and jean sizes range from 16 to 30, but I think the highest in store you can find is 18.

Many other clothing retailers exist in catering to plus size women, but these happen to be ones I admire at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing, trying and featuring newer retailers.

It is important to note that there are many President’s Day sales going on, so it may be a good day to do some shopping.

Welcome to Pop Punk Princess!

Pop Punk Princess is a beauty and music blog that has been two years in the making, and I am very excited to say that it can finally begin. In college, I was always told by my professors that in order to have a successful blog, you need to have a niche. I always had a difficult time finding one that would please my professors, and it was something I always found really difficult. Then it came to me, after playing with my makeup and listening to State Champs, that I finally found my niche. A beauty blog focusing on fashion and beauty and pop punk music. I know it sounds like an odd pairing but I know there are other women like me and I know there are men who love this music just as much as I do.

The purpose of this first post is to explain what type of things you will be able to find on here. Everything will be as neatly organized as it can be, because then I will go crazy. Organization is key to a nice flowing website.


This is first and foremost a blog dedicated to pop punk music and beauty. In the music tab, you will find posts reviewing albums of artists related to the genre that this blog is dedicated to. Reviewing albums is one of my favorite things to do and I cannot wait to get back into that groove. I will have a band spotlight that will highlight an up and coming band or even one that is popular in this music scene. Any upcoming events or big breaking news stories that occur in our music community, will also be featured.

Vinyl records are making its way back to popularity and I am starting a collection of my own. Unboxing is another popular trend among the online community, so when I get a new vinyl, I will definitely want to talk about it.

Beauty and Fashion

Makeup is a huge hobbie and passion of mine, and over the years I started to learn more and more about it. I am not a makeup artist or have attended any classes regarding makeup. Makeup is something I taught myself at a really young age. I do not know everything about it, but I do have some knowledge I would like to share.

This blog will focus more on an affordable route, in which I will spotlight brands that cater to women and men who cannot always afford higher end makeup brands. There will be reviews on newly released products from drugstore brands, affordable brands and high end brands (if I decide to splurge). Nothing will be sponsored from any cosmetic company (especially since this is a new beauty blog), but their products will be reviewed because there is a high demand for it or because it is an interesting product.

Lately, I have been seeing more punk and emo clothing brands that I cannot wait to get my hands on. Putting outfits together, while still trying to remain affordable, will be another thing that can be seen on here. Any makeup looks, that I myself create, will be featured on here and I will try my best to explain them.

Opinion and Popular Culture

Every now and then, I like stating my opinions on things that I find important or what may seem to be taboo. New perspectives on certain topics are a great way to open the minds of those who really have not thought about the other side of things.

Pop culture is another guilty pleasure. If I find something cool or have watched something that I find intriguing, I am going to talk about it.

Articles and blog posts will be posted on a frequent basis. The goal is to have something up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. One day might have just one post and another might have five. Posts will vary in length as well. Do not always expect a novel. I do not want to torture people that much.

Information can also be found on the Twitter account and Facebook page of this website. Hopefully you all enjoy what you will be able to find on here and I am very excited to get this website started!

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